Summer loving 

Wednesdays are club running night and last Wednesday saw the first of six summer handicap races.

The first race was 3.5miles and your handicap is calculated from your most recent 5k time. I have only done one timed 5k this year and it was over a minute slower than my official best from the previous year which was 18:23.

I turned up as I always do with an idea of how I would ideally like to run this race. Unfortunately as I don’t currently possess the ability to see into the future everything is just an ideal.

What I didn’t picture beforehand was there being 87 runners and me starting in position 84, or it being hot and sunny when I left my house but 10 minutes later it being windy and cold.

None of the above stopped me going out and doing what I had planned, it’s just the plan had to change slightly to work.

After a steady start for half a mile I gave it all I had and managed to get myself up to fourth place by the finish. Finishing time on my Garmin was 20:52 with my 5k split coming in at 18:13. That was actually quicker than I expected and so there should be more to come from that over the year hopefully.

Now I’m looking forward to the first race of the Warwickshire road race league this Sunday coming. A new 10k race hosted by the club which is billed as being flat and fast. I’ve visualised this race in my mind for quite some time so it will  be a real eye opener and will go on to shape my training for the forthcoming road race season.


Better late than never 

It was my initial plan to put together this first blog post last weekend to coincide with my first race of the season, like all best laid plans I only completed half of what I intended to. Now I find myself sitting in the garden, in the sun, a week later wondering how to start my first post and not bore anyone to death.

The Midland counties twelve stage road relays at Sutton park was actually supposed to be my second road race this year but illness put a stop to the first race so 5.3 miles was going to tell me where I currently was fitness wise. I had a fairly decent idea through what training I had done so far but things tend to go differently once race mode is engaged.

Compared to last years time I was only 36seconds slower which I was happy about considering last year I was marathon fit, half a stone lighter and hadn’t spent 3 weeks ill. What wasn’t so good was it taking almost as long to get out of the carpark as it did for our twelve runners to finish the race but that was soon forgotten about once in the pub enjoying a cold beer.

So there it is, my first post, just keeping it short. It will get more interesting I promise so check back in from time to time and see what’s going on.